Luckey Stick Wax “Put it On & SCORE”

 Luckey’s mission is to make the best quality hockey wax on the market. Our hockey wax is formulated to improve your game by adding velocity to your shot. We believe if you use Luckey Wax your shot will be faster, harder and release quicker than any other wax. 

Our hockey wax formula is divided into three categories: 

  1. Stickiness adds velocity to your shot. With our formula you will get the most out of your shot.
  2. Durability, we believe in making the best product possible that will last and not wear off in the middle of a game.
  3. Easy of use. Our formula has a blend of creamy wax that help with application process. Use as little or has much has you want, find what is right for you.
Luckey stick wax is used all over the world by professional hockey players, college athletes, juniors and youth hockey. They all agree, Luckey Stick Wax gives you the edge you need, just don’t ask goalies.